About Imamia Quran Center

2018 BEST Online Quran School

Welcome to Imamia Quran Center

Imamia Quran Center was established mainly on the demand of Shia Muslims. The motive was to provide them with authenticity, which is rare in some areas. So we aimed to actually create a worldwide opportunity for the Muslims who belong to the Shia community. We welcome people of all castes and communities to join us and get benefited from our valuable services. As of now, we have students enrolled from different nations around the world and we are proud to tell that most of them are satisfied and happy customers. We feel blessed for providing these holy services. So that is why we perform this task with full dedication to pleasing Allah Almighty. We are proud of our staff for making the name of this center huge and famous in a really short span of time. And taking the center to the heights of ultimate success.


We have no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the course of the customer’s own choice. You can visit our website and select any program from there. Also if you feel like customizing your course you can do that too. You can even contact any of our teachers to get recommendations. There’s a committee of counselors who can guide you in this regard too. You have the liberty to freely choose which courses you want to have. Following are a set of basic courses offered by our organization:

  • Online Shia Tajweed Quran
  • Shia Yassarnal Quran online
  • Shia Quran Translation online
  • Online Shia Memorization Quran
  • Male Quran teacher program
  • Female Quran teacher program
  • Islamic education program
  • Special courses for kids


When it comes to the staff of our center. It is what makes our center powerful and what it is today. Each and every person is so dedicated and hard-working that regardless of their duties they are always ready to perform any task to serve the organization. So they are really passionate to serve students and get them on track. Each and every person on our staff wants to accomplish the motive of our organization so they all try very hard. Following are some of the characters exhibited by our staff:

  • Willingness to always teach
  • Always being on time
  • Maintain good discipline
  • Go out of the box to teach
  • Work really hard
  • Teach passionately
  • Great skill set


Why are you making a plan or announcing the courses we always took into account the less privileged people. We always thought about those who wanted to get access to online Islamic education but didn’t have many resources. We came up with a special sort of plan which could be easy for those people too. You can pick any of our services without being reluctant about money.

None of our courses is too expensive that any range of people could not afford. We are for special help for those who can’t still afford much money and want assistance in Islamic learning. We are sure to help you in any case. No matter if it’s about money or anything else. Just join us. Discuss your issues with us we will try our max to resolve them and get a specific sort of a plan for you so that it is easy to follow and pay for you. The motive is to make people passionately come toward the Quran.


We invite people from all around the world to join us in this enchanting journey so they can seek something good. Our organization promises to satisfy your cravings regarding Islamic learning. Also, we do not target a specific area only we want to be diverse when it comes to serving areas around the world. We don’t restrict our services to a specific boundary. So our center aims to cope with and cater to the demands of Muslims around the world.

Currently, the idea is to serve in major Western countries where there is a high population of Muslims who show an interest in learning about Islam. So they find ways and are in search of online institutes that can authentically and passionately serve them in this matter. We are willing to serve anywhere around the world whether it is Canada, the UK, France, the USA, Italy, Australia, Africa, Qatar, Russia, Egypt, or any other Western country.